Anglicanism: We're All Mad Here

     I have been tracing the worship history of my life, my family's life, meditating on important years and moments. While it's like following a thread of plot in a story, I can't help but think it's like the princess's thread that leads her to salvation in George MacDonald's fiction...that is, her thread is invisible to the eye and can only be found when she stretches out her hand.

     Following along blindly -- and yet not blind -- I am aware of two things. First, I am insanely blessed: born into a Godly family whose primary aim was, and is, to teach me to love God. Speaking of thread analogies, my mother has often said that raising little Christians is like giving an architect a plum-line....he cannot hope to build a skyscraper (or, say, a cathedral) if he does not have a reference to the truly vertical. Loving God is the plumb-line. "Love God and do what you please," my Mum quipped Augustine to her kids. I'm not kidding. And I think Augustine would like that, hearing it come from a mother.

.....I'm getting distracted.

     Second, the world thinks we're crazy and that is only all too confirming for us. They can't see the thread, so of course we look insane. Princess Irene struggled with the same difficulty. And here I'm tempted to launch into a tirade of Aristotelian vs. Platonic philosophy (thank you, C. S. Lewis and Hans Boersma!) but I shall resist; just know that "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreampt of in your philosophy." Yes, your limited Aristotelian philosophy, Horatio -- absence of evidence, ad ignorantiam, and all that..."the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen," my dear chap! Sincerely, Crazy Hamlet.

     In the past year my crazy family has moved from a Reformed Presbyterian denomination to an Anglo-Catholic position.We've done this not because we think Presbyterians to be inferior Christians, or because we don't like the doctrine (hello, Calvinist speaking), or anything stupid like that....can you tell I'm getting weary of certain stupid conversations I've had? We moved because we found the bones of Presbyterianism covered in the flesh of Anglicanism. From an austere Christmas of 2011 and Easter of 2012, where the sermon did not change and one could not find a single lily (but then, one could not find an altar either!) the Robinsons are straining forward, full of anticipation, to a very different Advent season after a very long advent indeed.


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